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Our mission is to help the Returning Citizen get what they need to stay out of jail and to help them overcome the statistics of recidivism by moving forward with their lives as law-abiding citizens.

The odds of success are against the Returning Citizen. The certainty that for the rest of their life, they must live with the constant reminder of their past every time they look for a job or a place to live or credit or educational or financial benefits or to perform a civic duty, is a punishment greater than prison itself.

We want to offset that burden by helping them find a job where they can feel and become whole, useful, purposeful, and apart of a greater society.

We believe it is the job or career that is the greatest determining factor that leads to criminal behavior before prison and recidivism - the return to prison. The longer a person with a background is without a job, the more likely they are to re-offend, cause damage to the safety of the community, and return to prison.

Living with an ``X`` is living with a double sentence. To have served the time for a bad act should be justice served, but to be released from prison and to then always be identified as an ``Ex-Offender``, Returning Citizen, Ex-Con, Felon is to identify with the classification of someone not to be trusted, embraced or given an opportunity to serve the community.

A person living under those conditions will most certainly resort to desperate means to find continuity or normalcy. We are by no means justifying criminal behavior, but proving an alternate perspective of recidivism an a way to prevent it.

Those who are unemployed or unemployable because of prior bad acts are the most likely people to commit crimes or re-offend. Employers are the answer to helping get crime under control.


A job is a crucial step in establishing a new life upon release from prison. Yet, one study found that eight months after getting out of jail, more than half of ex-offenders did not have current jobs. And being unemployed is strongly linked to a higher risk of committing another crime. In other words, many of these rejected applicants are likely to end up back in prison.

If the cities were to hire Ex-Offenders on beautification projects along highways, and city limits, if the State would release sanctions on Ex-Offenders, this would serve the community-at-large and begin the process of reentry and acceptance, because there can be no real re-entry with real acceptance.

At inJob, we call our employees “Dream Makers” because everyone here works for the ultimate purpose.

Frederick Robinson

Frederick Robinson

BarNoneJobs is a unique service that supports a subset of society who has been both exploited, as well as marginalized. They are the great underdog of society who has served the term of their sentence and who now, want and need to move forward, lest they return to the prison door through which they were released.

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