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We Help Returning Citizens Find Jobs, Careers, and Resources

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the Returning Citizen get what they need to stay out of jail and to help them overcome the statistics of recidivism by moving forward with their lives as law-abiding citizens.

The odds of success are against the Returning Citizen. The certainty that for the rest of their life, they must live with the constant reminder of their past every time they look for a job or a place to live or credit or educational or financial benefits or to perform a civic duty, is a punishment greater than prison itself.

We want to offset that burden by helping them find a job where they can feel and become whole, useful, purposeful, and apart of a greater society.

We believe it is the job or career that is the greatest determining factor that leads to criminal behavior before prison and recidivism – the return to prison. The longer a person with a background is without a job, the more likely they are to re-offend, cause damage to the safety of the community, and return to prison.

Living with an “X“ is living with a double sentence. To have served the time for a bad act should be justice served, but to be released from prison and to then always be identified as an “Ex-Offender“, Returning Citizen, Ex-Con, Felon is to identify with the classification of someone not to be trusted, embraced or given an opportunity to serve the community.

A person living under those conditions will most certainly resort to desperate means to find continuity or normalcy. We are by no means justifying criminal behavior, but proving an alternate perspective of recidivism an a way to prevent it.

Those who are unemployed or unemployable because of prior bad acts are the most likely people to commit crimes or re-offend. Employers are the answer to helping get crime under control.

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Our 2020 Goal

If you don't GO BIG, expect little to nothing. These goals are achievable if everyone would help in their own way to deal with the root cause issues.

Reduce Recidivism by

Nobody wants to go back to prison. Still recidivism is high in america because within three years of release 66% of returning citizens are sent back. Of the 66%, less than 10% go back with a new crime. the 90 plus percent that do go back, return because of a technical violation. When asked why they violated the conditions of their parole or probation, the overwhelming response or reason was related to their inability to find work.

Hire Ex-Offenders

By the year 2020, there will have been well over 500,000 Returning Citizens on the streets of America looking for work. If they are not hired, trained, or helped in some way, it is a near certainty they will re-offend. We can save ourselves and our communities simply by providing a road to employment for every Returning Citizen.

more education & training

Returning Citizens are our brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers, friends, and extended families, to not want to see them get help is to hurt ourselves. Most of those who return to the streets are uneducated, under-educated, or what they knew is now an obsolete skill. On the job training, re-education, and certifications are needed to give the Returning Citizen the opportunity they need.

BarNoneJobs Managers

BarNoneJobs was built from the ground up. Its intended purpose is to help those who are returning from prison find a job, career, or whatever other resources they might need. We do not pass judgment against anyone who seeks our assistance. We believe that if these individuals are not helped, within three years, they will re-offend. There is simply no question, It is safer and more effective as a society to help Returning Citizens find stable employment, training, and/or re-education.

The responsibility for criminal behavior will always lie with the offender. I will never make an excuse for why people commit the crimes they do, however, I will stand on my belief that there are corroded and eroded systemic factors that feed the frenzy of criminal behavior. I believe it will take everyone in every community to fix the problem of incarceration; that includes the offenders, their family, friends, and strangers.


Frederick R. Robinson