Interacting with Colleagues

Prisoners in the United States and elsewhere have always confronted a unique set of contingencies and pressures to which they were required to react and adapt in order to survive the prison experience. After serving time in prison, the mind adapts to an anti-social state; one that is constantly dealing with regret, anger, sadness, helplessness, […]

Back In the Workforce

Each year, hundreds of thousands of prisoners will return to their home states from federal and state incarceration. Engaging individuals in work after they are released from prison is an important component for successful reentry. Most people who came from prison¬†worked to break up the monotony of prison life. this group of people who are […]


It can be difficult for someone with a criminal record to find employment. More than 80 percent of U.S. employers perform criminal background checks on prospective employees.[4] Is there a point at which a former offender should be considered “redeemed” for employment purposes and relieved of the handicap imposed by his or her stale criminal […]