Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions asked by those who visit the site are published here for everyone to read.

We offer a mix of felony friendly employers and list from Indeed.com that we have determined are NOT felony un-friendly. We closely monitor every job and employer and weed out obvious felony un-friendly employers to give you the best opportunity to successfully apply to valid employers.

We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy and so rely on our members to inform us when we miss the mark.

Felony Friendly is not always all inclusive; not all Felony Friendly employers hire all types of ex-offenders. having violence in your background can be a factor with some employers, but being able to ask as opposed to being automatically rejected is better than nothing. Feel comfortable asking the employer you apply to and be ready to offer a SUCCINCT and honest explanation of what your case involves (IF ASKED).

No. We currently do not offer a vouching process, but we are working on putting the service in place. However, The Department of Labor offers a bonding program.

The bonds issued by the FBP guarantee the job honesty of job seekers to employers who want to hire them. Employers receive the bonds – starting at $5000.00 value – free-of-charge as an incentive to hire these applicants; coverage is for the first six months of a selected individual’s term of employment. The FBP bond insurance was designed to reimburse the employer for any loss due to employee theft of money or property

Some employers who normally wouldn’t hire you because of the “risk” involved in hiring someone with “diminished moral character” will consider you if you are bonded. The process does not cost you anything and is good to put on your resume when you receive the bond.

Felony Friendly means Felony Friendly. However, there are some jobs that certain felony offenses cannot and should not apply for obvious reasons. S.O.ers should not apply for positions that involve children, Bank Robbers should not apply for jobs that involve handling currency, etc.

Applying for a job with a Felony Friendly Employer gives you the opportunity to confidently represent yourself without fear of rejection simply because you have a background.